TTM stands for Take Time to Move. It is an online platform of personalised online workouts, to help reduce body tensions through simple, safe and effective excercices. TTM is recommended for all adults that wish to follow different activity routines in order to achieve and or maintain good health and fitness.

Simply put TTM is ‘for everyday well-being’. The human body needs to move. Weight fluctuations, limited body flexibility, aches and pains are some of the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), adults aged 18-64 should do at at least 150 minutes of moderate – intensity physical activity throughout the week. TTM offers simple, affordable and easily accessible tools and techniques for good physical health contributing to every individual’s well-being i.e. better emotional state, lower cholesterol and lower stress levels.

TTM training modules provide simple tips for making small changes to make your day more active.

TTM helps you become ‘goal oriented’ working your way to your physical performance objectives progressively. Incorporating TTM in other physical activity practices will help you improve your flexibility, agility and balance, thereby reducing risk of injury and an overall improvement of quality of life.

TTM modules are adapted to level of physical performance ranging from 10 min for beginners, 20 min for intermediate level and 30 min for advanced level trainees.

TTM modules are recommended four times a week with a rest day proposed on Sunday.

TTM is a highly demanded workout programme offering the convenience of time without too much hassle of commuting and buying fitness equipments and accessories. Individuals can set aside time that suits them best. Additionally, choice being also a big factor TTM caters to the demands of those that wish to enjoy their workouts in the comfort of their home environment.

Regardless of your condition, TTM modules for beginners are the perfect way to advance your fitness level.


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