Jérémy Nicolini, Founder & Head Coach - MLM Crossfit, Switzerland

Jérémy is 31 and founder of MLM CrossFit in Geneva, Switzerland. Jérémy has worked alongside renowned professionals in physical training coaching, and has participated in several Elite category competitions including the Belgian Throwdown and the BeNN Battle. Jérémy has an active interest in entrepreneurship and sport start-ups. With a strong passion for sharing his knowledge and his quest for perfection in the field of body movements, he has launched "TakeTimetoMove (TTM)", a tailor-made online training platform for a wide audience of all levels. Jérémy has an extensive experience in the development of programs for sports coaches. His methodology and approach of teaching are deeply inspired by his past service in the French Air Force for the sharing of his values for discipline, and his passion for excellence.

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